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Quality bookkeeping services provider Green Beans Bookkeeping Services manages limited and full charge bookkeeping for general contractors and small development companies throughout greater Los Angeles. QuickBooks certified specialists, Green Beans Bookkeeping offers a range of accounting services, including monthly and annual budgeting, financial reports (monthly, quarterly and annual), income statements (profit & loss statement), accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and general ledger, payroll and payroll coordination, and much more. Visit Green Beans Services page for more information about our services. And visit Green Beans Contact page to request your FREE consultation.

QuickBooks Certified Specialists & Construction and Development Accounting Software Specialists

Keeping track of your contracting business’s finances is the key to staying on budget with a development project and always maintaining a positive cash flow. Accounting software has streamlined this process, but it’s also created new challenges. Software incompatibility issues with your accounting vendor, in particular, can seriously hinder your business’s productivity. Green Beans Bookkeepers recognized this problem and evolved our services beyond typical QuickBooks bookkeeping. We’ve developed solutions to bridge software applications that are customized to your business’s individual needs. Whatever your contracting or small development business’s bookkeeping requirements, Green Beans will adapt a solution that functions seamlessly within the normal flow of your business.

Qualify Bookkeeping – Your Professional Accounting Services Partner

Combining highly skilled bookkeeping services, construction and development business management experience, and technical proficiency, Green Beans will conquer your most complicated bookkeeping tasks. Visit Green Beans Contact page to request your FREE consultation TODAY!

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Quality Bookkeeping Services Overview

  • QuickBooks Certified Specialists
  • Partial Bookkeeping Services
  • Complete Charge Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll Coordination


CCW, EA Inc. Tax Firm

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Resolution
  • Tax Preparation
  • Delinquent/Back Taxes
  • Audit Representation

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